BrewDog is coming to BPBW

Feb 04, 2018 by bpbwadmin in  News

Some news for all the punks out there, straight from the doghouse! #tldr

In the beginning we have promised you at least 25 breweries, therefore, to mark this number, we feel like we have to pull a name whom without modern craft beer probably wouldn’t exist in the form as we know it now. These are big words for a brewery being only 10 years old, but many say – due to their strange biorhythm – it actually counts as 70.

They have changed a lot throughout time but one thing is for sure: regardless their garage era and now world domination business era, they always looked towards different and unique ways of doing things, shifting the beer world into a new age.

Are they controversial? Oh hell yes!

However, since one member of our team had actually spent a chapter within their walls, we personally know how much this brewery supported the overall picture of craft beer by sharing knowledge with the craft beer community and training excellent brewers and brewery staff.

They are a very special house located in the sometimes harsh, but also beautiful corner of North Scotland. Probably by now you have already figured out which doghouse we’ve been talking about. The most famous of its kind. Hello, their name is BrewDog.

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Pöhjala is coming to BPBW

Jan 15, 2018

We’re not saying Põhjala Brewery has been our best kept secret, because it wouldn’t have been true in some ways.

Amager is coming to BPBW

Jan 13, 2018

Even though Budapest has a dedicated corner in our heart, there are cities we shed a tear. At least for a while. Copenhagen needs no further explanation, while its beer scene is one of its kind too. We are extremely glad that another gang of friends we know for ages trusted us to join the circus here at BPBW 2018 | Beer Week in Budapest /// Tasting Sessions.

They have just celebrated their 10th birthday with the best way a brewery could: the grand opening of their new production facility! But this was not obvious in the beginning as they had to deal with horrible “problems”. Their idea of supporting the local hood with good quality craft beer soon took a 180° turn, as they were fool enough making their very first beer a 10.5% imperial stout that quickly raised all the American beer nerds’ attention. Those geeks made the beer into the RateBeer best 50 beers in the world and ever since it is hard to kick them out of the top 100 brewers list either. So… They quickly found themselves in a situation of brewing wild and wilder collaborations with world famous breweries, making everything but regular brews. (Well, some would bleed for these kind of problems…)

Amager Bryghus Crew | Source: Amager official Facebook page |
Amager Bryghus Crew | Source: Amager official Facebook page |

Please promise not to tell them, but we can’t be happier for them and how their story turned out! A flagship of Danish Craft beer, please welcome Amager Bryghus at BPBW – Beer Week in Budapest!!!

Buy your tickets to the Beer Week in Budapest – Tasting Sessions here!

Magick Rock is coming to BPBW

Feb 06, 2018

The next – but still not the last – brewery also rocks from the magical and foggy Albion.