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Moor Beer

United Kingdom

For those who are following us since the very start it is not a secret that here at BPBW Beer Week in Budapest we like to call unconventional plays sometimes.

Hereby we release another brewery from this playbook. Their story truly merges tradition and modern twists with independence and healthy amount of sauciness but also, a very responsible mindset. As leaders of the new age of British brewers, they were among the first to refuse using isinglass fining like their ancestors did (and still a lot do). Instead all their beers are naturally hazy and go through a secondary fermentation to create something like Modern Real Ale so damn good it made them the first brewery to be accredited by CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale, the consumer’s champion for can, keg, bottle and cask as well.

For those who haven’t switched to another channel already hearing damn old fashioned words like Real Ale here, let us tell you that rooted in their music background, with their PMA themed beer they proudly support cancer charities, or that they have been recently named Brewer of the Year 2017 by the The British Guild of Beer Writers and even Fuller’s let them redesign the classic ESB recipe.

Founded on the ruins of an old defunct business by Californian Justin Hawke, after ten years in free and charming Bristol, soon they are also entering the game of Bermondsey, London with their barrel aging and special beer facility as well, please welcome Moor Beer at BPBW 2018 Tasting Sessions!

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