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BrewDog OverWorks

United Kingdom

Have you ever heard of BrewDog OverWorks? We bet you did. Have you ever tasted any of their wild, spontaneous and sour beers? We’re almost sure you have not. Well, this is about to change at BPBW 2018 | Beer Week in Budapest /// Tasting Sessions during their very first appearance outside of the UK!!! It makes us proud beyond words that this post is also their first festival announcement as well.
We’re overachievers, so please press those like buttons like it was already May for the 41st brewery on the bill… Who knows maybe you’ll get the chance to meet Richard at BPBW – Beer Week in Budapestt as well – former head of Sour Production at Wicked Weed Brewing – the brewmaster of BrewDog’s new facility.

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