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Magic Rock Brewing

United Kingdom

The next – but still not the last – brewery also rocks from the magical and foggy Albion. Rushing though these hectic times with finalizing our lineup we actually realized it would be easy to put a world-class festival together loaded only with brewers and breweries from the United Kingdom. We hope you are just as glad as we are that we chose a different path, but still, there are names who are such common grounds in our craftwerk we can’t exclude from our carnival. And hell we don’t want to!

A bit demonalic constellation, but our sixth British brewery has recently turned six years old, a young age so hard to believe when one checks their neverending beer list of limited editions and the unbelievable cross-pollinations. The latter made us feel like probably 99% of the world’s brewers have a spare key to their brewhouse!

Just for the sake of retrospect, the fact they were named the 2nd best new brewery in the world just after six months of operations at Ratebeer is just one thing, but they never failed to meet and exceed the high wired standards that solidly exalts them among the 100 best for years now.

Hypnotists of the promised land of Huddersfield, the ringmasters of dark arts, who inhumanly squeeze you into their cannonball with a salty kiss, please inhale warmly Magic Rock Brewing!

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