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We’re not saying Põhjala Brewery has been our best kept secret, because it wouldn’t have been true in some ways. However. When we started working on the festival, they’ve been among the very first names we have contacted as we hoped to announce them right at the beginning. (Since they are the 27th international brewery at BPBW 2018 Beer Week in Budapest it is quite obvious that this hasn’t happened…)

Anyway, we’re stoked that they are still able to join us by person in May! Shame on us they are the first brewery from the Baltic states at https://bpbw.hu/breweries/.

Some craft breweries are sweating hard to get wild, to go the extra mile, to think out of the box, but these awesome people are making bold choices like others breath air. We just can’t wait to see what they will bring over to Budapest in 124 days! Just in case you’re not familiar with them (we have serious doubts if there are any crafty freaks who have not heard of them so far) head over to their Facebook page and give them a big fat LIKE. See ya’ll in front of their taps!

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