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Uiltje Brewing Company


Here is this thing with organizing festivals: you want it to be like a circus, the biggest house party you have ever done, the one you can enjoy with people who you like, people who have the same interest; people like you, people like us. And for hell’s sake you know you are on a good track when your next brewery’s introduction starts with “Our mission is pretty much monomaniacal: to brew f*cking good beer”. 
Hey, we have a similar mission! To make a f*cking good festival. Simple as that (and to start a revolution, make a change, be a change, spread the word, you’ve heard it all before)…
It is clear that our 29th brewery at BPBW 2018 | Beer Week in Budapest in the mix is not completely normal, and they sure have a good sense of humour, irony and self-reflection when they’re rumbling on social media with photos like this here below. Their beers are world class as well but what we want to point out is that extra bite that got them where they are now… Just imagine where they’ll be in the future!
From Haarlem of The Netherlands please press those like buttons for Uiltje Brewing Company like there was no tomorrow!

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