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“A hamburger is nothing more, than a good bum and a good patty. How to spoil it? It’s up to you.”

We at Zing Burger believe that good bums begins with good flour. And we are lucky to have found it in the famous Szabo Mill based in Szigetszentmiklos.

The history of Szabo Mill originates back to the grandfather of Laszlo Harmati, who played an important role in developing the factory to be one of the most prominent mills in the turn of the century in Hungary. Unfortunately the socialization took the business out of their hands. But two generations later Laszlo’s parents had a brave move: they bought back the factory from the state to continue the family tradition. To their greatest luck the grandfather of Laszló was still alive when the mill became family-owned again; thus the accumulated knowledge and experience of the forefathers remained within the family.

The Szabo Mill has nurtured a good relationship with farmers. The grain comes from the neighbouring fields, especially from County Békés; the normally use those types of cereals that have been grown in the country for hundreds of years. These types might not be offering the highest yields; but what matters is that they should be resistant enough to grow without using chemicals.

And what makes the flour of Szabo Mill so good?

They use refiners built in the 19th century, that grind the grains more carefully compared to the modern mills, where the grinding process is optimized by computers for greater efficacy – thus crashing the grains too intensively.

After being milled the flour is sifted and categorized; then it has to go through the grinding process five more times, to get the best possible result.

So we can proudly say: our bums are made of one of the best flours in Hungary – and these bums are baked in our bakery every day, so you can have them with the Zing Burger patty you prefer most!

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