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?????? The name is Armando_otchoa_b_c, the most original guerrilla brewer of Hungary!

The OG of Hungarian craft beer. The humble servant of quality. Teacher of his people. Master of his craft! #nevergofullcraft

Most of us on the local scene have been socialized at his emblematic flagship place Csakajósör, which we always reflect on as the cradle of modern Hungarian craft beer… A cozy bottle shop which we never fail to visit on a regular basis even to this day, when on every corner there’s a new craft place is being opened. No BS, no hype, no overrated styles, only beer. Good beer. Catch Armando also at Hopaholic – in hop we trust during the week, enjoy the fun his Parody Brewing Artisanal Project brings (together with our man Tibor), make sure you try his beers at BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions!

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