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Dry & Bitter


Thinking how ubiquitous they are it might seem a surprise having their Budapest debut only in our third edition. As always, the story is a bit more complicated, but Dry & Bitter Brewing Company from Denmark is finally coming to BPBW tasting Sessions. ??????

After running the amazing Fermentoren bar in Copenhagen since 2011, Søren Parker Wagnerestablished his very Dry & Bitter in 2015 and they haven’t ever stopped since then. With a huge focus on super fresh IPAs, porters, fruit-twisted beers and their alternative fermentation barrel program, they quickly became one of the wildest players in the Scandinavian, and now international beer scene. And you only question why the IPA game is so strong with them until you realize that he actually worked with Shaun Hill during their years at Nørrebro Bryghus. “He basically taught me everything I know about hops” – he said in an interview and we can’t wait to find out what these twists mean.

So long story short, we’ve been talking with Søren pretty much since our very first attempts starting Budapest Beer Week, but those who know his restless personality might think having them here in our third year already is actually a privilege. With his one leg still in New York doing a collab, he is already knocking on the door of your neighborhood brewery, it doesn’t matter where you live.


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