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KCBC – Kings County Brewers Collective


“A biologist, an ad man, and a restaurant manager walk into an empty warehouse in Bushwick: The beginnings of Kings County Brewers Collective sounds like the set-up to a dad joke” as being told in article at Thrillist, but it is serious AF. If we count it right KCBC has just recently turned 3 years of its existence and doggone it what a ride it has been for them!

Pete Lengyel – yepp, with Hungarian roots, but according to him he has never visited Hungary… ?? YET! -, Tony Bellis and Zack Kinney started Kings County Brewers Collective with a passion for brewing, and a passion for the community. Established in Brooklyn’s Bushwick part at Brewer’s Row, once a historical street with the most concentrated brewery scene of the whole US, it was clear from the start that the only way to run their business is to contribute the whole community. Collaborating with Brewsers, the home brewing club once founded by Pete himself or Beerders, the bird watching-craft beer club or recreating the craft lager heritage once such a key part of the local scene during the 1900s are individual things nice to spot among the main, current trends of the craft beer world. A plot twist to the end? Pete also helped launching Finback back in the day, and we are just super happy now having both of them representing New York’s vivid world.

To sum up all of this, we feel they are just as passionate about what they do as we are here in Budapest, and we can’t wait to meet them next May at the BPBW 2020 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions!

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