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The Southern Oracle (HU)


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WHEN: 25th May 2019, 20:00
WHERE: Dürer Kert
EVENT: BPBW Afterparty – DAY2

After years of waiting, The Southern Oracle returns with their third-full length, Hiraeth, the album that will redefine everything we previously imagined about one of the hardest working acts from the Central-Eastern-European metal/hardcore scene. With their remarkable DIY history about becoming fully independent by the support of their fanbase, the band gradually evolved into a metallic hardcore powerhouse, inspired by 90s metalcore, the essence of thrash metallic grooves and pulverizing riffs.

With their previous tours and shows with acts as Harms Way, Sepultura, Hatebreed, Walls of Jericho or Deez Nuts, The Southern Oracle proved their live skills, and they were able to set a new frameset of self-expression while they’re returning with their strongest effort yet. Hiraeth is more than a concept-album: the utopia where children couldn’t grow up by the lack of role models was inspired by our Fake News age and the basics of Peter Pan, where imagery can be as much important as the references of the new songs. All of the tracks are reflecting to various quotes by Nelson Mandela or Elon Musk, and the singer, Barnabás designed a 40-page comic book, where the narrative covers the lyrics and the vibrations of the album tracks. 

The Southern Oracle is not only reflecting on the current political and ecological trends – while it’s also not unfamiliar for a band that’s annually setting up donations for various foundations -, but also asking for the willpower of the listener.


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