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WarPigs Brewpub


We exactly know that only those who’ve spent the last years on a remote island haven’t heard about WarPigs Brewpub until now; but to be fair, we can’t even exactly be sure about this either.

The ?? Danish-American ?? love child of legendary 3 Floyds and Mikkeller is just perfection in its purest form: 22 taps constantly and mainly filled with the freshest beers brewed right at their brewpub, a world-class Texan style BBQ kitchen with the loudest metal music as a side dish for all these. And somehow they do this so easily self-identical it nearly hurts to see; if you’ve ever had the chance visiting their place you know what we’re talking about. ???

On top of everything, they actually played a small part of the existence of BPBW: back in 2017 MBCC was the festival where Peter and Tibor first met and guess what they continued drinking at WarPigs after the daytime beer tasting massacre: and suddenly the idea of implementing these vibes in the Budapest scene was born. We are already through two seasons, but at next year’s BPBW 2020 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions both you and WarPigs will have the chance to confirm if we’re on the right path on this road. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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