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New Zealand

We tried to write a haiku for this introduction as this brewery encourages everyone on their page to do so, but we had to realize we suck in this. (We’re metal and punk-rnr kids, sorry!) ?

Sticking to the facts instead, they are coming to Budapest from 17 650 km away (7750 km has been our record so far, so this is quite something) and we just can’t wait to see what they are bringing through New Zealand Beer Collective from their barrel aged, sour, or seasonal projects. We also remember the first time we’ve managed to catch some of their core range (Hopwired and Blackwired) at a small Budapest bottleshop a few years ago… #csakajósör

Fast-forward to 2019 it is our pleasure to reveal that 8 WIRED BREWINGfrom New Zealand is coming in town for BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions. This is why we really do this, ? to have awesome beers, ? to meet new people, ? to share great stories and ? to be a part of something big – something that means something, something that’s more than just a few beers – together with you. #thisshouldhavebeenahaiku

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