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KRAFT Beer Festival 2022

Dürer Kert / Budapest, 26-29 May 2022

30 various local and regional breweries from abroad plus the selection of distributor teams- and the specialties of the most important domestic beer shops May 26-29. between, for 4 days again KRAFT Beer Festival 2022 in the renewed Dürer Garden!

  • 26th May, Thursday: 16 – 02
  • 27th May, Friday: 15 – 02
  • 28th May, Saturday: 12 – 02
  • 29th May, Sunday: 12 – 24

Last September, the KRAFT FESTIVAL, the favorite annual beer event for many of you (and why deny, many of us) was finally able to happen again. KRAFT 2021 was a success not only for the guests, but also for the breweries and the organizers, and we are excited to gather again at the end of May this year for the regular annual inspection of kraft beers!

“KRAFT has always been at the bottom of our hearts. A beer festival featuring regional names where Hungarian kraft breweries are in the spotlight. It’s not an unlimited and grandiose all you can drink festival (perhaps we’re better known for that), but a token-bases, pay per drink, casual event for not only the beer geeks but every beer fan (even the ones who just start their journey with special beers). Needles to say, we’ll have concerts in the background, we also invited food trucks and selectors-djs, but basically, we wanted an all-round, close-knit, safe, outdoor festival with all the good vibes.”

The Budapest Beer Week team evokes the unparalleled, liberating atmosphere of international beer festivals with this event, as brewers will personally tap their beers, so you can have a nice talk between barrel-aged imperial stouts and fruity berliner weisses. Of course, there will also be classic lagers and ales for lovers of more traditional flavors, to make sure everyone finds their happiness at the end of the day.

🍺 We use tokens, and or our own festival glasses during the Kraft festival

🍺 Tokens / festival glasses can be purchased not only with cash, but of course with a credit-debit card on the spot, but for the beers you can only pay with tokens of course, or online in advance

🍺 Multiple token points are placed to avoid the possibility of long queues

🍺 Exhibitors only tap beer at the stands in the official KRAFT 2022 logo glassware purchased by the guests on the spot, or brought from home during the previous KRAFT or BPBW events

🍺 Token redemption is not available this year either, however, bring your tokens purchased during the previous years, you will be able to pay with them in the same way, and we will soon publish a list of venues who will also accept your remaining tokens at any time during the year when buying beers

🍺 Beer can be tapped into a glass in the quantity only which the glass is calibrated for (with a calibration mark)

🍺 The price of one token is HUF 300

🍺 The 2022 KRAFT glassware can be purchased at the list price of 2000 HUF at the token points, but we recommend the following constructions instead:

  • 10 tokens + KRAFT 2022 glassware package 4500 HUF (you pay 1500 HUF for the glass in this package)
  • 20 tokens + KRAFT 2022 glassware package 7000 HUF (you pay 1000 HUF for the glass in this package)
  • 40 tokens + KRAFT 2022 glassware package 12500 HUF (you pay 500 HUF for the glass in this package)
  • 60 tokens + KRAFT 2022 glassware package 18000 HUF (you get the glass for free in this package)

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