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BPBW | Budapest Beer Week



Like many great things, the idea of the festival was born in a beer bar under the influence of new wave brewing, international festivals, inspiring brewers and of course a decent amount of good beer. The goal was simple and straightforward from the beginning: although during the past couple of years the wind of craft has touched the Hungarian beer scene and great breweries has been risen from the ground, it was clear in 2017 that we have to leap that next step to connect our culture into the international circles of craft beer. This is why we do this from day one and at this point, we cannot really turn back.

One of the biggest realizations we experienced at other festivals was that how the hosting city can form the whole atmosphere into its own image; we all love Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen, Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend, Brewskival, All In Beer Fest, Borefts Beer Festival or Mash – just to name a few – not only for their imposing beer lists and participating brewers but to discover the city and its own beer culture.

We want to show you the best our beloved city can offer.


As a short introduction, the idea of BPBW came from three beer enthusiasts back in 2017 who all have roots in Budapest and work in different areas of the beer industry. Peter Pazinczar has been an entrepreneur working in the IT sector who also runs an up and coming gipsy brewery called TuffBuzz. Marton Sefcsik worked in online marketing and sales while he was also the founder and editor in chief of a well known beer blog. Tibor Rebak has been a professional brewer who previously worked with Höganäs Bryggeri, BrewDog and Signature Brew and with Poppels.  (Beer hasn’t been the only bond among the team: we’ve all spent years in the Hungarian underground playing in different punk and metal bands.) Fast forward to today, Tibor and Marton moved back to Hungary from abroad and all 3 of them quit their daily jobs to fully focus on their ultimate goal:

connecting Budapest and the Hungarian craft scene into the international streamline of good beer.


We did our very best working on the structure to make sure it is going to be second to none compared to former beer festivals in the region. We took the idea of tasting sessions with limited taps and small tasting quantities from festivals like MBCC, Brewskival or Tallin Craft Beer Weekend; we are inviting our personal favorite breweries to provide the local and foreign craft beer fanatics an opportunity to have all the rarities at one place. Needless to say, this is a great opportunity to build bridges between consumers, brewers and breweries. We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel or copy anything, Budapest Beer Week was never meant to be perfect either, we just wanted to make sure we make happen the best festival we could imagine, with the most chill vibe ever in the city we know and love the most.

The core events are obviously followed by huge afterparties including the wildest bands and performers from Hungary’s diverse music scene with craft beers on the taps, plus international headliners. This is why we chose to work with

Dürer Kert, one of the best live music venues to host our festival in the heart of City Park.

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