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Brouwerij de Moersleutel


A normal beer festival would stop adding another Dutch player into its already amazing lineup after such names like Tommie Sjef, Brouwerij Frontaal and Uiltje. ?????? Well, we let these normal part of us go way too many summers ago so please welcome the 4th of The Netherlands, Brouwerij de Moersleutel!

They are the perfect example of the behavior we also dig: never stop asking. They reached us during last year’s booking period when we’ve been already full and – shame on us – we nearly ended up declining them for this year as well: there are just simply too many great names and countries to represent out there. However their name was not completely unknown to us since they were among the few suggestions the fearless group of Budapest Beer Geek Mafia has kept recommending us for ages and what to say… When we finally ended up with some of their great Double Roast cans at Hopaholic in Budapest last December, we wrote that drunk questionable message and pulled them in.

It is not uncommon to refer the craft community as a brotherhood, but in the case of Moersleutel we enter new depths here. It is quite rare to find four brothers at the same place, but this is exactly what we are talking about here with the Zomerdijks. Sounds like a metaphor to the four main ingredients of our beloved crafted beverage? ??? (We went full craft with this again! #nevergofullcraft)

That shouldn’t be a coincidence, but you’d better come and figure it out by yourself why we’re not afraid to go this high / low at BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions in May!!!


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