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We both have unique and lone languages, we are kind of identified with our heavy spirits, but sure there is more in common. Brothers from not-so-other mother, Finnish CoolHead Brew is here to gallop with us like back in the old days. ?????? Considering Finnish icons like Räikkönen and Nykänen, the standards are high talking both professionalism and partying… But we are sure they gonna jump both fences!

#tldr ? We still remember the first steps of starting this event out from the blue, without any experience of putting together a hope-to-be world class festival like it was yesterday. It was fun, but also painful when barely no breweries responded to our invitations. We started to make our first moves and at a blink of an eye we soon started to receive huge interest in our mailboxes from other teams who wanted taking part in this carousel; at that point we had to let most of them down, simply having finite spots. This year is nothing but the same, we are happy to see the interest is growing madly and in the end some of those names from last year made it to this year’s lineup. So CoolHead is another good example of the people we loved to hear about. It is just one thing that they are focusing heavily on sour beers and other interesting styles but c’mon… There are a lot of others like that out there doing that.

We finally hooked on them when we finally figured out – which they kept a cheeky secret back then – that they are also organizing their own beer festivals in Finland. Trve local patriots in heart just like us, this year we clearly felt that we should finally meet them in person at the BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions, but hence this is such a small world, depicted down below it actually happened last week in Eindhoven. (Check our Instagram for the proof. ?) Never worse surprise!


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