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This is a personal message… ??? You might be used to us being awkwardly personal, but this is something really special.

I’m Marton and I’m just stoked to announce the project of my really good friends and partners in crime at BPBW: Dealbreaker by Tibor and Peter as the first Hungarian brewery to confirm for BPBW 2020 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions. (They might be surprised as they didn’t see this coming…) ??????  Let these guys be your surprise brewery next May…

Tibor moved back to Budapest for the sake of BPBW giving up his brewer career, but we all knew he cannot stay away from actually making things happen while Peter and his one-man guerrilla brand TuffBuzz has been producing some of the best and most twisted Berliner Weisses the local scene has seen… Until now! Dealbreaker has just started to get its name around, but let me tell you, they deserve unconditional love.

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