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FIRST The Craft Beer Co.


FIRST The Craft Beer Co. is opening up their 3rd bar today here in Budapest (and we wouldn’t miss that party), plus the BPBW2019 festival beer just got into cans thanks to them as they’ve been hosting this special collaboration the all 11 participating local breweries (thanks once again guys)! Great job.

This young and energetic crew has just celebrated their 2nd birthday, but they never lack any ideas when it comes to tons of new releases, loud PR or nice CSR events. They’ve been pushing craft beer towards places that never had beers like this before thanks to their attitude and canning line. Take a chance on them at BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessionsor during the Norwegian MTB and TTO event they are hosting before that on Wednesday. (Find this event listed on our page!)

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