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Hoppin’ Frog

Ohio / USA

An entire local craft beer generation “grew up” by sharing any of these barrel-aged monsters on selected holidays… These acts were always the cherry on top of that day’s beer tasting rampages, and of course, none of the evenings could pass without staring at the labels, so for many of us, this announcement means a lot, and if someone, by any chance, hears about this name for the first time, which was already a hype when we didn’t even know the concept of hype breweries yet (phew, we’re really going into the woods here, I feel it), then the debut in Budapest will truly be memorable. We couldn’t get anyone from the team here in such a short time, but we will make up for this as well next year hopefully, until then the only question is whether we dare to go for these releases sharp at two o’clock or wait until a quarter past two on Friday and on Saturday tasting days.

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