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Magic Rock Brewing

United Kingdom

Yeah yeah yeah. So what are the odds that we didn’t invite back the strongman rockstars whom we have so much common grounds and special relationship with, whose craft magic certainly cross-pollinated a lot of us? Maybe in the upside down world, but not in this one. And damn, son! We still remember like it happened yesterday, these ringmasters’ debut wasn’t a half cut: they became the first sold-out brewery at the first BPBW circus. ??? Since we didn’t want to end up in a retrospect, whether them be hypnotists or not, neither mind control nor telepathy were needed to make us inviting them back to the carnival of our promised land.

The timequake of their rapture is nigh, so enjoy the salty kiss of the bearded lady in their botany of desire; this was not a hat trick, but the high wire punchline! Yes, you are all right, Magic Rock Brewing will cannonball back to BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions!

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