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Oud Beersel


Started 137 years ago in Beersel, 10kms away from Brussels, Oud Beersel is one of the last remaining bastions of traditional lambic brewing and not even so far ago it wasn’t exactly clear that the tradition was about to live through our age.
In 2002 the brewery shut its doors due to the lack of financial success, but 3 years later Gert Christiaens took over the business and restarted production to save not only the heritage the brewery represents but the future of traditional lambic brewing too. A huge majority of the beers we receive in May are only brewed couple of weeks before the event to ensure the freshness of the products – let the fourth wall collapse: at some occasions it is a miracle the beers arrive in time -; at this case though we just can’t wait to release all the monsters and fairytale creatures woken up from their long-long sleep. Their style of brewing is somewhat like chasing eternity, where the processes and products sometimes get lost in time, and it is not even hard to imagine the creators one day could be survived by their beers. That’s why it is super nice to experience how nice people they are or that they are doing modern collaborations with breweries like Lervig for instance.


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