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Our relationship roots in the foggy past when two of the main organizers of us – long haired bearded doppelgangers with band t-shirts and caps – tried to pay for their beers with guitar picks at a certain beer festival in Berlin; the experienced people behind the stand somehow managed their idea without a single laugh. Then last year they cut our invitation fairly short in the beginning, just to pull a huge plot twist in the end meaning that in the end their whole team showed up at Dürer Kert and yes they went hell of a full craft.
So inviting them back wasn’t a question to us, however, we expected this round wasn’t meant to be easy either. System failures occurred again in our communication. But now at this very moment, after months of trying in several communication channels – note: no carrier pigeons were harmed during this process – , we are glad again to confirm that the Northern cowboys from the Baltic are coming back for the BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions.
We skip the boring part of revealing their beer styles when we exactly know that they are already boiling something unreal for 2019. Their cider/gose hybrid Graff Gadient – a collab with To Øl and Brus chef Christian Gadient – was one of the highlights of last year’s event and we are sure they won’t let us down this year either. And well, we have to salute for their efforts and dedication towards the Estonian beer scene, slaloming between setting up their new state-of-the art production brewery and organizing the magic at Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend.

We hear you, we love you Põhjala! #nevergofullcraft


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