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Luxemburg people, where are you at? ?? We’ll tell you where, at your local festival and now here in Budapest… ??? Please welcome TOTENHOPFEN at the BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions!

This awesome team has been visiting all the craft beer fests around Europe like there was no tomorrow, if not behind the taps then in front of them. They seem to know everyone and always look like having a blast. Always sunny in Philadelphia? Nahh, it should be always sunny in Luxemburg, you should know this if you have ever met them. Their beer game is forever strong and they are not only making a name by doing collabs (for example with our local friends Horizont Brewing) but also Ratebeer has recognized them as the 2nd Best New Brewers in the World For The Year 2018. ? That’s what we call nice! Coming to Budapest for them is more like a friendly visit these days rather than an official business trip, but the image taken at last year’s session says it all: good times all the times! The kind of attitude we’re down with…

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