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Wicklow Wolf


Alright, I believe this is probably my first but definitely last announcement this year – Tibor here as you probably already figured out from the long sentences. We noted this many times before, but truth is really, that beyond our professional filters, most of the breweries attending to BPBW we have some kind of special personal bond or story with. Wicklow Wolf, the first Irish brewery in BPBW history is no exception either. Of course they are coming with an interesting lineup – from unorthodoxly hopped Italian Pilsners, Irish Red Ales through true original Dry Stouts and heavyweight BA Imperial Stouts -, but their special vision of sustainability what really puts them into a unique place among breweries. Own hop farm, solar panels, renewable electricity, green gas, recycling spent ingredients and the whole locavore concept to build a lineup on local ingredients, planting native trees and bee hives: instead of taking out, actually giving back and adding to their environment.
And the previously teased disclaimer in the end: as most of the industry people simply call him, “The Famous” John Allen used to be my boss a long time ago in a Scottish town far-far away. So now John, as much as I love the fact that you are finally coming to pour your beers here.

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