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EDGE Brewing CO.


Exploration, adventure, experimentation, and innovation. This is the ethos behind Edge and drives what we do. But wind back 5 years and Barcelona’s lure was strong. The micro-brewing scene was in its infancy with promises of big things to come. Drawing inspiration from the vibe of the city, our friends in the industry and applying the craft brewing expertise we had developed back in our native USA, we started to experiment with flavors and styles. Since winning Rate Beer Best New Brewery award we’ve brewed a whole range of beers, including Bourbon barrel-aged Imperials Stouts and Belgian-style beers, as well as hoppy ales and crazy fruit infused sours.


Our current ranges include: Core Beers (available year-round), Seasonal (2-4 month annual releases), Specials, collaborations, and one-offs (rotating often and in small quantities)

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