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The BPBW Meetup & Conference - 23rd May 2024, 10:00-1700
BPBW Meetup & Conference will be back in 2024. BPBW Expo is an annual conference and trade show representing the craft beer industry covering all areas of it from raw materials to serving with seminars by industry leader companies and individuals both from Hungary and beyond our borders. This year’s BPBW EXPO & Conference will be held on Thursday May 23 2024.

The BPBW Meetup is always held one day before our main Tasting Sessions and we invite:

  • all the participating local and international brewers and brewery ambassadors
  • other local and regional brewers, brewery owners and managing directors
  • local and regional companies, distributors, enterprises covering areas of beer trade and equipment production
  • craft bar and shop owners, managers and ambassadors
  • European festival and event organizers
  • special partners, sponsors and their ambassadors



THE BPBW EXPO Gallery from earlier years




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