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Pipeworks Brewing


Being such rookies in this festival circus honestly we haven’t thought that in our first year we will be able to host not even one, but at least two American breweries; and this is exactly where we are at right now.
A lot of people have warned us in the beginning that we are pretty far from being normal for opening a can of worms with starting an unreliable business like this. But in the deepest corner of our blackened hearts we always knew there was only one true way to strike back to the faint-hearted: to invite friends who are also not completely normal. It was true love at first sight when we first met them in real life that quickly ended up digging deeper and deeper in the Hungarian Black and Extreme Metal scene.
Started as a brewery specialized in crazy one-off brews only, it took some time for them to strengthen their game with a year round release. Ever since then beer fans all around the world fear their bloody warfield where ninjas clash with unicorns. The craftiest sinners from the windiest city, straight from Chicago please welcome Pipeworks Brewing.

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