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Last year we booked them quite last minute so this year we wanted to be sure it is all set from the start as they’ve been among the very first breweries we invited and announced for BPBW 2019: ?? 18th Street Brewery is back!

You wonder why it is that smooth working with these people, same like just with the other heroes from the hood, Pipeworks? They are actually big friends from the beginning, as we’d like to point out that the good people at Pipeworks Brewing Company actually let – their assistant brewer by then – Drew Fox ghost brew his own beer and start up his business within their walls. His reason to enter this hectic business? Simply because “Every great city – in my opinion – needs a brewery” he says. (And as every great city – in our opinion – needs a beer festival. We are on the same page, simple as that.)

“Just never stop asking!” – Drew told us at last year’s session and f ? yess, in the end this mentality helped us getting through many downhills and questions; and led us having this amazing and vibrant lineup. #nevergofullcraft

They have been named recently as the best brewpub by USA Today10Best readers so meet and congratulate them in person this May as they are bringing over their unique mojo at the BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions!

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