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Birra Baladin


?????? We are extremely honored to host the OG of Italian Craft, Birra Baladin among our guests.

“If you ask me where the limit between work and art is, I would say it is the last centimeter of skin on the little finger of my foot that stays on the earth. I am an unusual entrepreneur” – says Teo and well, he is definitely not a man of empty words!

Italian​ – and in many ways we feel beer in general – ​craft beer wouldn’t be the same today without Baladin and its ​visionary ​founder Teo Musso. They were pioneers in ​various fields in their homeland and beyond, and honestly, even a book wouldn’t be enough to showcase all the various and different aspects and special mindset they ​have built and keep progressing​ around beer. Music, art, science, ​experiment, agriculture, innovation, sharing… The energy is mind-blowing and after 23 years of opening the business in a small brewpub, the name and heritage is clearly here to stay for the future!

Researching the effect of music and sound waves on fermentation and hybridizing yeasts in a hornet’s bowel in co-operation with the University of Florence are the funnier and maybe the less wide known projects of them. ? But how about if we tell you that the favorite beer glass of many of yours have also been designed by their team?

Next time you are sipping a beer from a Teku think a bit about them… ?Thinking about them, also think about all the good times that are on the corner during the BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions!


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