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BrewDog OverWorks

United Kingdom

After announcing BrewDog, we are happy to confirm that the BrewDog OverWorks is coming back to the Budapest Beer Week tasting sessions in 2019 too.

This part of Scotland with its grey, rainy and windy weather might not be for the faint hearted. ?️?️?️But somehow on those rare sunny days it is showing you the most scenic views one can imagine. Fairy tale landscapes where the air is filled with ancient magic… And wild yeasts and bacteria of course!

The OverWorks project made its international debut last year at our festival so let’s say we have a special and very personal connection to their products. In many ways success didn’t come that easy for them as you might would imagine – especially facing issues with their bottles – but the first kegs left their facility truly shined in the night and in the end of the day this hard work finally paid off. (Hard work always does.) In many ways, OverWorks is everything what BrewDog is not, the dark against light, a dirty playground for the brewers where instead of the most modern technologies and insane amount of hop ratios the focus is on spontaneous fermentation and off-centered local ingredients, fruits, herbs, wood and time itself.  One thing is common though. The dedication to quality and understanding nature in its purest form; we like to think that science is the blackest magic out there and they are the perfect real life example of this approach.

Rich (in the middle on this quick snap from last year’s tasting sessions) and his team has created something unique in the barren northeastern coast of Scotland, something what will stand against the cruel probe of time and nature.

Embrace the madness at the BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions!!! ???#nevergocullcraft

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