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Going on roads no one has ever went before, building a scene around themselves, giving helping hands nationally and internationally, being a stone solid name within the beer-game, Browar Stu Mostów is more like an institute rather than just a brewery!

We wouldn’t miss the chance to write a few words about them now as they have been among the very first names we have announced for this year’s BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions. Had them last year, came over this year for a TTO earlier and doing a Hungarian collab in a few weeks they are the living proof of the old saying that goes like:

“Pole and Hungarian brothers be, good for fight and good for party. Both are valiant, both are lively, Upon them may God’s blessings be. (Polak, Węgier — dwa bratanki,
i do szabli, i do szklanki, oba zuchy, oba żwawi, niech im Pan Bóg błogosławi.)”

This is what we had to say when we hosted them earlier this year for a tap takeover at BrewDog Budapest:

The Wroclaw scene has a mind-blowing heritage of beer brewing, so the revival is rather well-deserved than surprising. If we wanted to keep things really official we’d say this returning guest to Budapest Beer Week is considered the most international Polish brewery exporting to several countries and collaborating with some of the most exciting brewers on the scene, but let’s just keep things simple, personal. Their professionalism is convincing, their attitude speaks for itself and their beers are flawless!

Catch them soon again at Dürer Kert???!


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