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Collective Arts Brewing


What to say, we tried to make it clear from day one that with launching the idea of BPBW we’ve always been thinking beyond beer and brewing. ??? Coming from and being still active on the music scene, cultural and artistic diversity is as equal part of our concept to share with the festival as the forward thinking breweries we invite to Budapest.

Today is a good one. Not only we are welcoming an absolute newcomer country into our already widespread line-up, but this brewery is rocking from one of the most independent world of our times. Oh, did we say brewery? Let’s be more precise. Setting the quality and diversity of their beers at the highest standards combining it with independent artists and musicians from the start to build a better world, it’s more fitting to call them a collective. (See what we just did here?)

?? Canada Day has already been a thing among the Budapest beer lovers community, and with our friends rocking from Hamilton, Ontario we’ll have an early taste of it in May at BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions. Enough talk, please give it up for Collective Arts Brewing on board in an official way.

? @ozols

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