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CoolHead Brew


We couldn’t resist having CoolHead Brew back again after their success in 2019…

?????? You cannot really go to a top-notch craft beer festival without them, you don’t really find a proper bottle shop without their beers, you cannot really think of a more perfect example of what a modern, up and coming European craft brewery should look & act like, but what could be their secret… ??? The amazing, out of the box creations that never fail to amaze us? That they are the masters of their craft in all the styles they want to conquer (pastry gose, berliner weisse, hoppy ipa, etc, etc)? The all-around owner-founder Cleber, who’s always in the center of attention while also being one of the most humble and chilled person in the beer game?

We let you find the truth during BPBW 2020 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions as they are coming over by person!


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