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Crow Bryggeri


If you are following the recent news regarding the Norwegian craft beer scene you might be just as shocked as we are. ??? Well, this just made us even more bold to spread indeed the words of the North and after Lervig and Austmann to showcase another trve player from the scene: the next stop is Oslo and Crow bar and brewpub. #nevergofullcraft

Oslo is one of the best cities on the earth, we love both its beauty and dirt and the overall vibe. Hard to put it into words but somehow we like to think it is the Budapest of the North; at least in our black hearts. ?

The Crow bar plays as heavy – if not heavier – in the local scene as the infamous sludge metal band on the same name; an unavoidable name in the craft book of Oslo. #walkwithknowledge With a solid core range and a constantly evolving experimental lineup it is no wonder why so many great evenings start here.. (Possibly even more nights also end here.) Is it the icewinds coming from the fjords or the black noise from the lords of chaos? Sure thing, but let us tell you the secret: it is that Hungarian spice again. The general manager of the bar, our good friend Gabor is a true viking sailor in heart, leading the brewpub into other dimensions with some Hungarian themed food and beer events and collaborations – like the one with Főzdepark’s best, Horizont Brewing.

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