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Finback Brewery


Here is the deal. ? Since the start of BPBW our overall aim was to burn down borders and build bridges between our regional community and the headliners of the greater beer world. We might be idealistic at what we do, you can even call us kamikaze fools ? – trust us, happened a lot during the last year’s organizing period -, we are fine with that. We do mistakes of course and there are last minute calls or not perfect moments but what we are really proud of the love and care we try to express towards each individual brewery who make it into our lineup regardless them having 420 or 42000 followers on social media.

And we believe that this is one of the reasons why we were born under good signs; to be more precise this is why sometimes the biggest names in the industry are treating us like we were already in the top league of festivals. ? However, at this phase we’re still working our asses out to get there one day.

This year we spent a ridiculous amount of time visiting other beer festivals and what to say, we headhunted couple of names into our lineup. Our friends from the almighty Balkezes – they are also the coordinators of our lovely volunteers – met Anthony from the following brewery at ? Dark City 2018 ? in Leeds and made one of the easiest bookings in the BPBW timeline.

​Sure thing Action Bronson put ? Queens on the world’s cultural map during the recent years, but​​ the following team​ from the same hood​ is one of the most sought names on the ​beer​ market and we’re extremely humbled hosting them here for the first time of their history. One of the most creative and diverse beer style surfers out there, from wine and bourbon barrel aged black goses through the juice bomb IPAs to the cherrywood-smoked mild ales the only thing we know that they won’t let us down raising the bets at BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions.

 Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the grey behemoth of Queens, because Finback Brewery will swim across the big pond and won’t stop until Budapest!!! 

ps: In the deep of my hearts we’d love to believe they’ll bring Action with them!

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