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Kabinet Brewery


Focusing on local and regional unsung heroes, we’ve already revealed three talents we discovered there and there is a fourth name from the same gang coming back this May to the main stage. Rocking from our southern border, straight outta Serbia, please welcome Kabinet Brewery??????

Same like the other three, namely Pelicon, Bereta and White Stork, Kabinet is also raising the flag of what modern Central-East (or maybe South-East? – we are a bit lost here) European craft could mean in the future. ? One of the goals we dedicated to is that beyond bringing some of the wildest and already rockstar-ish famous breweries to Budapest, to showcase the whole region and build a wider audience to these upcoming breweries too; maybe in supporting roles today, but headliners of tomorrow indeed.

Kabinet was the first greenfield craft brewery in the Balkans and ever since they have been doing some unusual and pioneering stuffs. Most importantly they are brewers of course but they also call themselves passionate gourmets who built a cabinet of inspiration, diversity, culture and art taking shape in the simple and purest form of our beloved four letters beverage, beer. On top of that, just like us and many other players from this year’s lineup – Ritual Lab, Collective Arts, O/O and To Øl just to name a few – they are super nerd about their design. That is why it is no wonder why each of their beer labels were designed by a different artist. ? Amazing job!

Exit the Wild West, enter the Wild East at the BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions in May.


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