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The following team’s name is feared all across the globe. They are crazy in every sense and those who attended the inaugural edition of Budapest Beer Week exactly know what we are talking about. We have never been completely sane either, so we decided to invite them back and this summer at Berlin Beer Week sitting at the mighty Protokoll Berlin, they said yes again, and you are lucky enough to have a look at this very moment captured in the photo down below. 

Thomas Fransson’s beers are class, let them be a session pale ale, an imperial stout, a durian fermented sour, a Gatorade infused berliner weisse or coconut infused barley wines and hefeweizens. Hear those teardrops echoing from far away? A river cried by all them German brewmasters, that’s all we can think of. We know he once calculated on the speed and direction of wind from the Senne Valley and brewed his wort just in the right time to have a chance embracing those classic bacteria and wild yeasts. ??? Thomas, we salute you!

Please welcome back Malmö Brewing Co – and if we are lucky enough, some super stuff from their very new side project Malmö Meadery – here at Dürer Kert, Budapest!

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