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Ritual Lab


If you thought you were gonna survive this year without some crazy Italian vibes, you couldn’t be more wrong. ?????? Revealing a newcomer in our history, please give a big applause to Ritual Lab brewing&growing!

In a world full of imperial shades, barreled darkness, soured menace and hazy pastry hashtags, it is always refreshing to see something modern which is still undoubtedly traditional; a respect to a clear craft. ? We’ve heard so many good things about them from other brewers beforehand so when we read a bit of background story about their start and ongoing projects it became clear that we need them here. Last but not least their flawless Ritual Pils also helped a bit making this decision.

It might be a cliche to mention again how great to see when art and beer merge together such a delicate way like in their hands. But there is something even more to be respected here: we can’t agree enough on their “On The Road” project. The Italian brewer incarnations of Kerouac are operating their own cold chain system, in Italy their beers are always delivered in temperature controlled conditions ensuring the freshest, “from fermenter to glass” experience one could get.

It might also be true that all roads lead to Rome, but we’re 100% sure that all roads pass through Budapest. At least in our world. #nevergofullcraft


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