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Siren Craft Brew

United Kingdom

Even though sometimes it is nice to slow down and rest for a second, but you know yourself enough that the journeyman inside you can’t resist the call of the sea. ?‍♀?‍♀?‍♀ When the Siren Craft Brew is singing, the Odyssey continues…

If you are following our epos from the start you must know by now that we’ve built a special relationship with some of the best adventurers of the British Isles. And finding a better example than Siren simply feels impossible at the moment. They’re among the top rated breweries in the worlds pretty much from their very start in 2013 and we are stoked to see they are not afraid to face the mythical creatures of Budapest either. ???

In this fast world in general it is always a pleasure to find the kind of dedication and kind of longevity what truly shines through each products Siren creates. And we are not only talking about their first ever batch of the later has become annual Maiden barley wine series, the Odyssey barrel program or the Project Barista of coffee-infused beers. The attention to detail bounces back to their flagship beers as well, each designed into perfection. In other words, whether you are just getting familiar with sailing and like to spend your time on friendly waters, or you are a relentless rover constantly looking towards the unknown out in the dark seas, they won’t let you down. #nevergofullcraft

Living in the age of collaborations it is nearly hard to imagine the era before that, and we believe starting their recently finished annual Rainbow Project in 2013 – where they have connected some of the best British, European, American and Kiwi breweries throughout the years – truly made them pioneers of the current trends.

??? Word on the street another incarnation of the Rainbow Project will return eventually and we couldn’t think of a better opportunity to squeeze some information out of them than having some pints together at the BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions!!!

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