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Wizard Brewing


Put your LPs and turntable back to the shelves, cover them in dust, sit down and listen. ? Rockstars are so 2017, Brewers are simply 2018, 2019 is about Wizard Brewing since Sweden’s semi-newest cool kids from the block are also in the mix now.

Ever since longtime punkrock singer Nikola Sarcevic – rocking behind the mics of Millencolin in his civil life – has come out from the cellar and revealed his plans in brewing to the public, it’s been hard to run into a single Swedish bar or festival not having Mikrofonbryggeriet beers available – FYI: BPBW wasn’t an exception either when it comes to international ones. Then he has suddenly started turning up more and more alongside with another dark horse player from the Swedish West Coast when it comes to crazy sour beers: Jonas Gustavsson who runs his very Morgondagens Bryggeri, leaving no remorse to any other breweries to compete with their long fan lines at local beer festivals. So long story short – haha, just not today! -, these two crazy hearts have recently casted a crazy new project from their spellbook called Wizard, focusing on some of the juiciest smoothie berliner weisses we’ve ever tasted. And it is not a spoiler either that they are planning to play heavy in the pastry stout business too; coming from Sweden it would be harder to believe the opposite. ??????#nevergofullcraft

​But who is the superhero here and which one of them is the sidekick? We found it hard to decide, and all we can say ​for sure ​is that if you haven’t met them yet, it is​ way​ easier to imagine them on comic book pages than in real life.​ Now it is up to you changing this, and meet them in person at the BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions.​

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