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Left Hand Brewing Company


Time to leap forward on the road after our latest announcement of our local favorite Balkezes, without loosing a single track on the left hand path. Because we are happy to announce that Colorado brewing icons Left Hand Brewing Company will also join the ritual in May! ???

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, since both their names mean exactly the same – nevermind the weird language-, we’ve never been happier to host two left handed band of brewers at the same party. Whilst our Hungarian fellas still rocking in the territory of guerrilla brewing, the Longmont newcomers have been shaking up dust in the Rocky Mountains since 1993 and have become one of the biggest name in the independent beer scene of the United States. ?????? And that is something from a brewery having 27 bucks only on their account after establishing their first production facility. #nevergofullcraft

Ever since they have been keeping themselves to their original ethos, prioritizing balance before anything else. With their Nitro Milk Stout patents both in bottle and can packaging it is not an overstatement to say that they’ve changed the way how we look at a creamy headed black ale – editor’s note: not that we have any kind of issues consuming other similar commercial products at certain circumstances – , and also, that with the help of beer they are building something more beyond it. Having become a fully employee owned brewery is one of them, such like their now 600+ members big Team Left Hand cycling team, that has raised over 2.8 million dollars to Multiple Sclerosis research over the years.  Put that 27 bucks into comparison again and slow down for a second to think.

We are not sure that their Wake Up Dead stout can really bring those back to life, but it was definitely a game changer to one of us from the organizing team. You can check the results by person at the BPBW 2019 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions.

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